Ambasada amerikane ne pristina kontakt torrent

Ne te njejten kohe, ne presim nga ju, aplikante te vizave, qe te. Ambasadat dhe konsullatat kane anuluar te gjitha takimet rutine te vizave imigruese dhe joimigruese qe nga data 20 mars 2020. Supporting the fight against corruption is one of the top priorities of the embassy. The liaison office of greece in pristina, in the framework of the action field. Kjo faqe shfrytezon cookies per tju garantuar sherbimin me te mire te mundshem. The most widely recognized and prestigious exchange program in the world partners with kosovo to expand opportunities for students and scholars in our two countries.

The british embassy in kosovo maintains and develops relations between the uk and kosovo. Sherbimet per shtetas amerikan ambasada e shbase ne kosove. Please be informed that only prepaid hotel reservations will be considered valid. Planifikoni udhetimin dhe aplikimin tuaj per vize sa me heret qe eshte e mundshme. We work closely with the government of kosovo on a wide range of issues, including rule of law, good. Here you can find information about our mission, contact information and learn. The embassies of france, germany, italy, the united kingdom and the united states would like to note that we take meetings with political and institutional leaders to hear their views and receive information, so that we may keep our governments informed of developments.

No freecancellation reservations from or similar websites. The visa waiver program vwp allows citizens of participating countries to travel to the united states without a visa for stays of 90 days or less, when they meet all requirements. For british nationals in kosovo, you should follow the advice of the kosovan authorities in response to covid19. Sweden visa information in kosovo home page na kontaktoni.

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