Mainframe software licensing strategies

For customers with no current plans for growth, the affordability and costcompetitiveness of the new pricing model will reignite interest in also using this platform as an integral part of their. Oct 25 2017 53 mins johannes peeters, stefan kochishan ca technologies. Gaining control of mainframe software monthly licensing. Here are a dozen cost areas a cio can optimize to deliver value to their business. The design options for software products are diverse.

Ibm mainframe software licensing structure overview munich, july 2012. In the past, mainframe customers typically used one of two options for licensing software. Mainframe shops spend roughly 30 percent of their budget on mainframe software licensing costs, which are rising each year. That is, they outsource the rewrite to an application migration shop that has both mainframe and alternate platform typically linux expertise. After several years of relentless hardware and software innovation, the mainframe is at an inflection point from being a supporting platform of transaction revenue, to becoming a. There are many pricing options such as ipla, vwlc and. Understanding mainframe mlc software pricing is no easy task. Broadcom has introduced valuebased software licensing model designed to provide increased clarity regarding software consumption on zos mainframe systems. Ibm continues to adopt new tools and practices for its mainframe customers to keep the big iron relevant in a cloud world. Its easy to be confused with mainframe software licensing, particularly from ibm. Ibm mainframe pricing overhaul inspired by cloud model. Representatives of lzlabs reached out to me to wave a banner for the companys very first customer, swiss telco and it service provider, swisscom. Mainframe veteran poole, for his part, says his shop managed to save more than a few bucks by periodically looking for new options or alternatives to its existing software assets. Ten ways to reduce your mainframe software licensing costs.

Software licensing cost reduction strategies for large mainframe. Broadcom is the first mainframe independent software vendor isv to announce software licensing solutions based on total consumption of million service units msu. Softwareone specialists will work closely with you to offer clarity on your portfolio. Companies have traditionally employed a number of strategies to help cut their mainframe software bills, including enterprise licensing. Here you can harness the power of the mainframe, with superfast hipersockets connecting your zlinux, zaap java execution environment, and zos,s390 servers.

In the era of hybrid cloud and digital everything, predicting demand and costs can be a challenge. These are the regular costs you pay to have the right to run software. Explore these options for ibm software products that run on the. Visitors look at an ibm z mainframe computer at the ibm stand at the 2015. Ibms z mainframe infrastructure offerings, previously known as the zseries.

Make the most out of your ibm portfolio softwareone. In the course of time, fundamental changes in software pricing models have occurred. How to cut mainframe software licensing costs, part ii. But you have landed our old website used before 2003, the most. In large complex ibm mainframe environments software licensing costs are the fastest growing yet most controllable costs associated with the mainframe. Mainframe subcapacity monthly license charges is not. Avgo today announced a valuebased software licensing model designed to provide increased clarity, predictability and flexibility of software consumption on. Divestitures and managing software licensing exposure.

How to structure mainframe outsourcing contracts and charging metrics. Ibms mainframe software monthly license charge is based on msu. Broadcom introduces frictionless valuebased licensing for. Explore the licensing terms and conditions for ibm software products that run on the mainframe. How to cut mainframe software licensing costs, part ii enterprise. Companies have traditionally employed a number of strategies to help cut their mainframe software bills, including enterprise licensing agreements ela, tiered pricing, and the use of. Search for past and present mainframe software and vendors. Software licensing and hardware support compuware is committed to providing flexible, valueoriented licensing and pricing options for all of our products. Get an overview of ibm z software licensing, including mlc, zipla, subcapacity, country multiplex and more. In 1999, ibm introduced its subcapacity pricing model and the concept of the fourhour rolling average. Leveraging telus software licensing fees to provide dramatically reduced mainframe system. Lookup mainframe software is a database of past and present software for sytem z zenterprise mainframes including predecessors system390. The size of your mainframe, lpar, or zvm image, is important. Broadcom introduces frictionless valuebased licensing for software running on ibm zos systems.

Mainframe software licenses have traditionally been charged for using. Mainframe mlc cost management strategy helps insurance leader cut mainframe costs. It also is intended to support future mainframe pricing strategies based. First of all, the company switchedup its 20year mainframe software. As software tracking and management tools and processes improve, many companies are focusing on the importance of maintaining current inventories of the software products in use. Software pricing licensing for ibm z mainframes ibm. Ibm mainframe software licensing structure overview. Mainframe isv software licensing reimagined for modern computing workloads. Lower your mainframe software licensing costs by up to 30%. Whats the single biggest cost you have as a mainframe manager. Ibm makes the mainframe more accessible with new tailored fit. Ibm says its new mainframe software pricing model may lower.

An inappropriate license agreement for mainframe software can lead to suboptimal cost structures 1. Mainframe software pricing longex mainframe quarterly. This transformational pricing introduces two new pricing. Gaining control of mainframe software monthly licensing charges with dynamic cap recorded. Existing users of cas suite of mainframe software that have cpu or mipsbased licences can convert to the new model, if they wish. Broadcom introduces valuebased licensing for software on. Bmc subsystem optimizer reduces mainframe software license. Bmc has unmatched experience in it management, supporting 92 of the forbes global 100, and earning recognition as an itsm gartner magic quadrant leader for six years. How to cut the not so high cost of mainframe software. How the connected mainframe for digital transformation can. The mainframe software directory is a comprehensive software listing that can be used as a starting point for analysis on what mainframe software is available to meet specific needs. Ibm offers one of the broadest and most complex portfolios of software of any technology company. Ibm introduced a new licensing model aimed at reducing mainframe software costs 18 months ago, but users and analysts are concerned that its more trouble and less beneficial than.

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