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Each presentation was graded on a 4 point inverse scale across six cells, making the best possible final grade across all six cells 6, the poorest 24. We are thrilled to be inviting you to interview for the primary pgce course at the university of. After a quick search on youtube i saw this wasnt a very talked about topic probably cause most teachers choose to go out in their free time, not. In addition to the interview itself, there are three exercises. There is no other interview tool or strategy you can use that has the same interviewwinning impact. Have you been asked to do an interview presentation. Hi does anyone have any tips or ideas for a 5 minute micro teaching task for a pgce interview. Put another way, the pgce year is a hard, very intensive course bringing together academic and professional requirements, and actually working on.

The format of the interview varies between schools and universities. Just a few things about my pgce interview for you to pass on if youd like. I just got contacted for a second interview the first was via phone. The pgce course is tailored to individuals requirements, with emphasis being on their ability to articulate their own philosophy of art and design education and. They would have told you about these though if youd be expected to do them though. They are in written format rather than bulletpoint, because i believe they should be. Mar 16, 2014 around this time last year, i attended my pgce interview. Relationship between topic class and presentation grades. Here are some great tips for making sure your delivery goes well. It was a group interview for nearly two hours followed by a twenty minute individual interview. Need ideas for childrens book for pgce interview presentation. So ive been invited to an interview next friday for a pgce. Put another way, the pgce year is a hard, very intensive course bringing together academic and professional requirements, and actually working on the job while youre.

Jan 05, 2014 blindness and partially sighted contemporary issues. This may be something youre asked to do in front of your interviewer or even other candidates, and the topic will most likely be something along the lines of discuss your current teaching experience or describe a lesson youve witnessed that you. Learn about the qualities and skills training providers are looking for plus the questions you may be asked. Preparation material for initial teacher training, institute.

As with many postgraduate courses, the pgce is a year of full time commitment, or two years part time. I prepared this document last year when i had my interview for primary pgce at nottm trent uni. How to prepare for your teacher training interview complete. As you can imagine i was totally overwhelmed and petrified. For my pgce i had to write a short essay in advance, have an informal interview, a group task with about six children, the skills tests, do a presentation before having a formal interview. Engage your students during remote learning with video readalouds. How to pass the teacher interview is a comprehensive guide, covering all of the questions youre likely to get asked with high scoring answers you can use. I used these ideas to answer questions i was asked at interview, and gained a place on the course. Below is a selection of useful tips from teachers and students that have been there and gone through the interview process. Pgce secondary timetable and guidance university of chester. Please bring the following original certificates on the day. Pgce university interview questions sample university interview questions for a pgce degree. The next is inperson, and they are requiring me to create a 20minute presentation about myself a formal presentation to be sent to them prior to my interview date, which i must then present to them in. By the time youve made it to the actual interview you might be feeling a bit drained and youll almost certainly be feeling nervous, but if you remember a few key things you wont go far wrong.

Pgce primary interview day as part of the pgce primary interview, applicants will be required to undertake an individual presentation, participate in a group discussion as well as complete individual online literacy and numeracy tests and a written task. Preparing for your interview the key to any successful interview is proper preparation and your application for teacher training is no exception. The way different schools and universities structure their interviews will vary, as will any assessments youll need to complete. If youre stuck for ideas, the pgce course might be the perfect way to determine if teaching is the right course for you. If youve had a job, then youve had an interview, and you likely know those interview essentials and these interview questions but if you want to move from being a viable candidate to the hiring managers top choice, youll need to go well. Find tips on how to prepare with our videos and guides. Make sure to go into detail on what lesson you would be teaching, the year. Thank you for your replies, i did post here for traffic, when i last posted in staff room didnt get a single reply i have spent a looong time putting together a massive portfolio of work talking about why i want to teach, my opinions on behaviour management, lesson structure, routine in the class room, the role of the teacher etc and included lots of work with children. The interview consisted of a task, a formal interview and then a casual meeting with potential colleagues.

Conduct research on the employer, hiring manager, job opportunity. Congratulations on being invited to interview for the pgce secondary programme at the university of reading in response to government guidance about avoiding contact during the covid19 outbreak, interviews are being provided online for the rest of the academic year. My presentation for secondary mathematics pgce interview. A homeless 7yearold who lives on the beach makes and sells stick people to get by. They all asked for specific and often different documents e. Preparing for your teacher training interview get into. Courses that require an interview ba hons childhood studies with early years teacher status.

Youve been invited to an interview by a school and so are sitting down to do your. I had to do a presentation on my favourite topic in high school mathematics, i decided to think a bit differently and did one on simple maths puzzles. Just a few things about my pgce interview for you to pass. Jun 01, 2007 my presentation for my secondary mathematics pgce interview. Similarly, if your presentation is geared towards younger children, quoting shakespeare from a book will leave them disinterested. Preparation material for initial teacher training, institute of education we hope the following information will give you some guidance and support when preparing and selecting your teacher training course within the institute of education. While its incredibly hard to get a job, its easy to let.

Unless you are doing a sales presentation for a company like which gives you a case study to use for your presentation, you are usually free to pick your topic. A conversation and presentation in the target language mfl applicants only these sessions will either be followed by or will include a discussion on aspects of the specialist subject. Jan 20, 2015 if you are applying for an newlyqualified teacher nqt position, youll almost certainly be asked to teach a demonstration lesson. Im doing a maths secondary pgce next year and in my interview that asked me questions such as why maths i presume for science you have to pick a first choice subject so im guessing theyll ask why that one, what qualities do i think a good teacher and a good form tutor should possess, how do i fit into those qualities, did i have a problem with being given a tutor group during the. Bobby amyjayne hi does anyone have any tips or ideas. Pgce presentation some interview days will also require you to do a presentation. To ask for your advice on my primary pgce interview mumsnet. Your interview day at the university of chester will incorporate an introductory talk which provides information on the university and details relating to the structure of the pgce programme including. Not the ioe interview, but i did just have an interview for the pgde at glasgow university for teaching english, however some of the people at our interview were modern language students, so i can tell you what they told me the pgde is basically the scottish equivalent, but now our course is at masters level instead of honours level, not sure what level the pgce is exactly.

Three critical incidents of my pgce by beth martin on prezi. It was then checked by a careers advisor after i had finished. Getting that first teaching job can be a nervewracking experience. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. As a group you will be asked to plan a brief presentation based around the book, to include. You may also be required to participate in a recruitment exercise, which may include any of the following. Some people sail through with confidence, others mess it up first time, but try again, more determined than ever. Information for pgce primary interview candidates university of. Here are some example questions to help you prepare for your pgce university interview.

A pgce interview is in many aspects similar to any other interview you will have to prepare for, or may have had to prepare for in the past. Pgcecerted interview task please bring the following. Its at my top choice university and i am shitting myself really, really want to do well. Before your interview, spend some time thinking of specific examples from your education, work experience and extracurricular activities that demonstrate relevant skills. Secondary pgce interview information university of reading. My presentation for my secondary mathematics pgce interview. When applying for a pgce course youll need to be aware that different universities use different interview methods and you could find yourself in a one on one, group interview, or even be asked to give a. Henbury behaviour was much more of an issue, lots of disruption within the lessons and not easily resolved. This will be followed by a formal interview looking at specific areas of your understanding. The faculty of education and childrens services is based at the riverside campus and this is where you will register for your interview riverside campus is accessible via the a5116liverpool road, a56hoole way, a51 and a483, and a 20 minute walk from chester railway station. You will be grouped with other prospective trainees and given a book you will have one copy each.

For my interview, i had to create a 5minute oral presentation entitled why teach history. Interview tips for getting on a pgce course youtube. We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your visit. Gordano very few behavioural issues, some low level disruption but could be easily dealt with.

Secondary pgce interview day guidance for candidates 2012 20. It is compulsory to partake in at least some work experience in either a primary or secondary school before starting the course because it must be clear. The interview process takes place over a halfday at our oxford road campus. They want to see the notes i make for the presentation. How to crush your job interview presentation and get hired. Ukpgce anyone ever had an interview at the institute of. It has to be an item you may use with a group of children to encourage learning any ideas. An interview roleplay teaching ideas teacher made twinkl. So in this article, i will list out 15 pgce interview guides which can be of help to you, when needed.

If you are applying for an newlyqualified teacher nqt position, youll almost certainly be asked to teach a demonstration lesson. As well as the example questions below, you can find further help in our. Make sure you know exactly what and who you are teaching topic. The second exercise is a presentation which you will give. Also consider what aspects of teaching you think you will find most challenging and rewarding and what you can offer as a teacher.

Individual presentation teaching a new skill as part of the interview process, applicants will be required to undertake a presentation. I submitted an application online via the university website and shortly after was invited to attend an interview with a panel of 3 members. Well cover a wide variety of interview tips and techniques, tackle the most common interview questions and provide sample responses. Pgce secondary pe interview guidance notes education. As a pgce student, you will have lectures, and learn the theories behind teaching such as how. Like many others, it is important to do as much readingresearch about the institution you will be inter. If you have any difficulties on the day of your interview i. Im allowed to bring prepared resources and artefacts also. How to answer eight difficult education interview questions by paul.

Your interview could be a oneonone or a panel interview, and you may have tests and tasks to complete. Dec 20, 2008 well ive got my interview in jan, for primary pgce and well i have to take in an item and do a presentation about it. Careers service, careers and employability service. Prepare some examples in the world of interviews, questions like give us an example of a. Mar 31, 2009 i have an interview for a pgce in secondary science next week. We started with a group discussion on contemporary childrens fiction, the use of modern drama in the classroom, non fiction texts, texts from other countries, and videos. A printed presentation works extremely well in the interview in many ways, including the following. The interview presentation enables you to prepare for your interview and gives you a structure to powerfully guide not control the interview. Teacher training pgce university interview questions. Many subject areas ask candidates to give a short presentation.

Home university applying to university ucas application guide interviews teacher training pgce university interview questions. Ive been told i have to do a three minute presentation on a childrens book published in the last 10 years. Collaborative presentation based around a childrens book. For my first interview for a pgce course, i had to teach something new for 8 minutes to a group of other candidates, have an individual interview, and read a 12 page article about studying at masters level and present on it for 5 minutes. Dec 22, 2014 each of them had a formal interview and a maths and english test. A great delivery of your presentation begins before you even walk in the room. Just a few things about my pgce interview for you to pass on. You should be prepared for many scenarios as universtities may hold differrent types of interview, this can include one on one or group interviews. We are thrilled to be inviting you to interview for the primary pgce course at the university of reading. Newman also included a microteach session, and warwick a focus group. I applied to two universities my main one being the university of worcester obviously.

Whether you are applying for a pgce, school direct, a scitt or other routes into teaching, and have passed the application stage, then unlike many other postgraduate applications, an interview will follow. Pgce interviews are pretty daunting, and nerves can easily get the better of you if youre not well prepared. So youve managed to secure an interview for a pgce course. I had to try many techniques with each class before finding those that. I have put together 20 key tips which i hope will be useful to help you get through your interview. You may be asked to prepare a short presentation where youll be assessed on your ability to engage an audience. Hi all, ive just received my first reply from my pgce applications and have been invited to an interview day next wednesday the email gives a rough breakdown of the day, im fairly confident in the maths and english assessments but it also includes a presentation requirement.

It is possible to do parts of it online, but as the course involves learning to teach, you will obviously be required to do that in person. University of kent student faqs the careers and employability service remains open, though in a virtual capacity. Sample pgce interview questions below is a list of sample questions you may be asked during your pgce interview. Blindness and partially sighted contemporary issues. Some interview days will also require you to do a presentation. Research and read about any live issues that might have an educational focus.

Before youre offered a place on a teacher training programme, youll have an interview. I was so scared because a pgce at worcester is all ive ever wanted to do, so i knew i had to put my everything into it to make sure that i get the best chance of a place. Interview details for applicants applying for one of our pgce primary programmes please note all applicant interviews will now take place by skype or zoom. Registration, then a check of id and qualifications, an observed group task followed by a timed written test, then an individual interview during which you give a short, preprepared presentation. I am required to give a 5 minute presentation, i am only allowed to use a flip chartvisual aidoverhead projectorcd player, either all of them or just one. The following standard questions asked with possible response, and my contribution as a secondary teacher for 6 years. The presentation should focus on a key idea thats relevant. Pgce interviews for students looking at becoming teachers but want to get onto a pgce course and are concerned about the interview so need some help.

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